A comprehensive multivitamin and mineral formula is the ideal basis for building an effective wellness program, and Terranova has developed formulations for a variety of different dietary needs and lifestyle preferences. The Terranova multivitamin range provides essential vitamins and minerals, including a number of complementary nutrients, along with a synergistic complex of concentrated whole foods and botanical ingredients. As with all our products, Terranova Multivitamins are made 100% without additives and are 100% compatible with vegan diets.

Why does the human body depend on multivitamins?

While bacteria, fungi and plants have the internal capacity to produce vitamins, the human body needs external sources to procure the variety of vitamins essential for overall health. Their importance lies in the fact that vitamins fulfill many key functions in the human body: converting nutrients into energy, repairing an affected cellular system, vitamins are decisive for a strong immune system, as well as for a faster recovery. In short, vitamins are responsible for both the proper functioning and protection of human bodies. As humans, we need more than 30 minerals, vitamins, and other substances that our systems cannot produce.

Vitamins are part of the micronutrient category, precisely because the human body needs a relatively small amount of vitamins to function normally. However, the lack of even one of the vitamins, or the lack of a combination of vitamins in our system can have major negative consequences for health. Conversely, ensuring a sufficient and balanced intake of vitamins leads to the normalization and optimization of systems that allow us to function.

Let's take an example

It is preferable to supply the body with a multivitamin complex following a diversified and balanced diet, but sometimes this is not possible or easy to achieve. For example, people on a vegetarian diet, or people of old age, will need a vitamin B12 supplement, which plays an important role in making new cells, playing a key role in the proper functioning of the nervous system.

How do multivitamins work in the human body?

Each vitamin is a small but vital component for our good health and optimal functioning. A multivitamin complex determines a synergistic action of vitamins, for a maximum intake of effectiveness. Here are just a few of the ways in which these multivitamins help achieve a satisfactory level of health.

- Energy release: B vitamins are basic components for certain co-enzymes responsible for the release of energy from food consumed;
- Production of cells and proteins: Folic acid, like certain B vitamins (B6, B12) metabolizes amino acids, thus helping in the process of cell multiplication;
– Collagen production: One of the many roles of vitamin C is to support the production of Collagen, on which blood vessels depend, and which is the basis of bone and dental structure;

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