Supplying an optimal intake of minerals is just as important for maintaining our health as well as ensuring the intake of vitamins. Terranova provides a wide range of different mineral products - all synergistically enhanced with whole foods and botanical ingredients, made with formulations that take into account the functional optimization of mineral absorption. Each Terranova mineral product is made 100% without additives and is 100% compatible with vegan diets.

Minerals make us who we are

In order to function properly, the human body needs the intake of inorganic nutrients called minerals. As with vitamins, the optimal level of minerals varies. A person will need up to 2500 mg of mineral nutrient every day. Minerals that the human body needs are called essential minerals and are divided into macrominerals and microminerals, not according to the criterion of their importance, but according to the levels in which they must be found in the body. Among the macrominerals you will recognize calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, or sodium, while the group of microminerals includes zinc, fluorine, iron, or selenium.

Minerals are necessary for a lot of physical and cognitive processes: blood, bone and hormone production takes place with the help of active minerals in the body. Like other vertebrate animals, the human skeletal system requires significant amounts of calcium to form and maintain a healthy skeleton, and proper muscle function. Magnesium is also found in bones, it is responsible for the production of proteins, transmission in the nervous system, but also in the state of the immune system. Without iron in the hemoglobin, red blood cells could not function. In turn, chlorine, sodium and potassium help maintain the osmotic balance between human cells and interstitial fluid.

Who needs an extra supply of minerals?

It should always be noted that a healthy and balanced diet is the basis of a healthy diet, which includes vegetables and fruits, whole grains and organic sources of protein. Even so, there are categories of people who, for various reasons, need a mineral supplement to keep themselves in good condition. For them, mineral complexes in the form of natural supplements are an effective and handy solution to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a fortified body.

People who may be prescribed a mineral supplement include:

- pregnant or breastfeeding women;
- people on a calorie-restricted diet who do not have enough vitamins and minerals;
- smokers;
- alcohol consumers;
- people who follow a vegan / vegetarian diet;
- sick or recovering persons;
- persons recovering from surgery;
- people prone to allergies following the consumption of certain foods;
- women who bleed profusely during menstruation;
- the elderly;

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