Green Child

Green Child is an award-winning range of food supplements, with products specially formulated by Terranova for children aged 4 to 12 years. The main motivation for developing the Green Child range was to create safe, gentle children’s supplements that are pure, balanced and nourishing as possible – with formulations based on the most up-to-date scientific research and following Terranova’s deeply holistic formulation principles and uncompromising ingredient standards. Our additive free policy has been one of the main reasons why our customers expressed such a strong desire for us to formulate children’s products. When a person becomes aware of the potential concerns associated with certain manufacturing additives, they will more than likely prefer to avoid all additives in the products they take.
Most children’s supplements are in a chewable form, however chewables require the use of various additives and Terranova has a strict 100% additive free policy. So in order to ensure precise dosage measurements Green Child products are encased in mini sized capsules - these capsules can be opened and the contents added to juice, smoothies, yoghurt or any cold or room temperature drink or food or the capsules can be swallowed whole for those kids who are able.

A small contribution for great results

The pace of daily life does not always allow parents to provide their children with a healthy and balanced diet. But the old saying 'you are what you eat' is even more suitable for children. For children at the starting points of their development, proper nutrition and intake of vitamins and minerals are crucial for the formation of a healthy body. Nutrients obtained from food change the chemistry of the brain, contributing to cognitive functions and general mood. In this way, the spectrum of food from which we choose to feed children is essential, because from here the body of the little ones will select its basic elements for a good functioning. Childhood is a crucial period for the good physical and cognitive development of individuals, so it is important for parents to provide their children with an adequate supply of nutrients. This is one of the reasons why pediatricians recommend multivitamin and multimineral complexes for children. If a family follows a vegetarian diet, dietary supplementation is essential, given that vegetarian diets tend to be deficient in vitamin B12, vitamin A, and minerals such as zinc, iron or calcium. Also, because they did not have time to assimilate enough beneficial bacteria, by administering specific Terranova supplements, the children's digestive system can benefit from an external intake of bacterial cultures, to ensure the biodiversity of the intestinal flora as early as possible.

When do children need nutritional supplements?

- When they consume excess sugary drinks, which leads to the consumption of vitamins and minerals in the body;
- If they eat fast food, or processed foods;
- When digestive problems occur, especially on the background of a medicinal treatment;
- In case of a vegetarian / vegan diet, where an additional protein intake is needed;

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