Are you a vegan or vegetarian?

We are manufacturers of broad spectrum nutritional supplements 100% compatible with vegan diets.

At Terranova we are fully committed to supporting a safe nutritional haven dedicated to people who choose vegetarianism or veganism as a way of life, including people who understand the values of these diets and are looking for vegan or vegetarian products due to reasons of health, religion or intolerance to dairy products.

100% Vegan


100% Vegan

Enjoy your healthy eating lifestyle

Nutrition means responsibility for the quality, provenance and choice of food. We understand that checking every label on any product purchased can be a continuous effort for people paying attention to dietary details, so we want to simplify this process by directly associating the Terranova brand with the development of products dedicated to vegetarians or vegans.

We have created a protected environment for all people looking for natural nutritional supplements free of food additives, dedicated to vegan diets.



A smart diet means learning the principles of nutrition that work for your body

We don't have to be vegan (or even vegetarian) to prefer vegan products, just as we don't have to be sensitive to additives to choose products without additives.

We are very pleased to know that our strict ingredient policies allow us to supply a comprehensive range of nutritional and botanical formulations, developed without additives, ideal for people looking for vegetarian or vegan products to fit their healthy lifestyle.



100% Vegan