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Food supplements for a healthy nutrition

Founded in 2008, Terranova Synergistic Nutrition is a multi-awarded nutritional supplement company with a range of over 90 nutritional and botanical products, formulated and produced in the UK. Terranova is one of the few major nutritional supplement companies that have eliminated the use of fillers, binders and other food additives in the production of nutritional supplements, and one of the few companies that develop 100% vegan or vegetarian products.

Terranova's product formulas are based on advanced scientific research, with principles that are rooted in the company's holistic philosophy. This unique approach allows the development of nutritional formulas enriched with active botanical ingredients that enter into natural synergy with each other and the body’s metabolism to reach optimum efficiency in assimilating the benefits.

Welcome to the future of nutritional supplements.


Stephen Terrass, the company's founder and creator of Terranova formulas

Terranova is founded in 2008 by Stephen Terras MRNT, former technical director for one of the top food supplement manufacturers in Europe. Stephen is recognized as an authority in the development of nutritional supplements, specializing in nutraceutical and botanical sciences. During his 38-year career in nutrition medicine and phytotherapy, Stephen has given over 500 lectures in 21 countries over 3 decades, as a frequent guest lecturer at natural medicine, nutrition and dietetics universities.

Stephen is the author of 8 books and numerous articles, including the producer of an award-winning series of audio recordings.



Nutrition for healing - Our philosophy for the production of food supplements

Terranova’s philosophy incorporates principles of complete nutrition for inner equilibrium and deep healing. We develop natural products based on a complex of multivitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes and natural botanical ingredients. Our intensely synergistic formulations are based on a scientific, yet holistic approach to product development, with attention to various diets, including vegan and vegetarian.

  • We use ingredients that provide proven health benefits, wholesome and non-genetically modified ingredients.
  • We respect the purity and integrity of our products with dedication and passion.
  • We firmly avoid the use of food additives and excipients.



Our Philosophy

We use absolutely no food additives for the production of food supplements

Nutritional supplements work effectively only because they contain active ingredients. However, why are most supplements on the market developed with inactive ingredients?

Fillers, thickeners, anti-caking agents, emulsifiers, flour treatment agents, glazing agents, sweeteners, dyes, flavor enhancers are among the most common food additives used in the production of supplements, and the list is growing.

Terranova is one of the few international nutritional supplement companies that avoid the use of food additives (called excipients) in their production processes.


Our products are 100% compatible with vegan or vegetarian diets

We are fully committed to develop a safe environment for nutrition dedicated to people who choose a vegan or ovo lacto vegetarian menu, or raw vegan menu, as a way of life, including people who understand the values of these diets and seek vegan or vegetarian products for reasons of health, religion, or intolerance to dairy products.

We understand that checking the labels on each and every product purchased can be a continuous effort for people who pay attention to details, so we want to simplify this process by associating the Terranova brand with products dedicated to vegetarians or vegans.

Terranova is one of the very few international companies that produce broad-spectrum nutritional supplements, products 100% compatible for vegan diets.


Our ingredients are 100% natural, certified organic.

Most Terranova food supplements are developed using phytonutrient-rich botanical ingredients harvested from organic farming, or ethically-harvested from the wild.

The organic farm grown by our botanical supplier, Eclectic Institute, covers an area of over 36 hectares and is located in a secluded and picturesque natural setting in the state of Oregon, USA, surrounded by the forest, Sandy River canyon and the magnificent mountain scape of Mount Hood, which inspired the Terranova logo.



The MagniFood complex works wonders for your metabolism due to the synergy between botanical ingredients + vitamins and minerals  

Each Terranova nutritional supplement is enhanced with a unique complex of plant ingredients and phytonutrient-rich foods with synergistic effects, called MagniFood.

MagniFood ingredients are combined with the idea of ensuring efficiency within the body's biochemical environment, to maximize the potential benefits of vitamins and minerals, along with the botanical nutrients. 



The synergy between ingredients is the secret for your metabolism to assimilate the benefits

In order to obtain the best results with the help of nutritional supplements, it is necessary to develop an environment of metabolic synergy. Synergy occurs when the interaction between ingredients produces effects greater than the combined effects of each element.

To achieve an optimal effect, each vitamin, mineral or nutrient must be absorbed, distributed, metabolized and used efficiently in a wide array of synergistic interactions with enzymes, co-factors or other nutrients.

PhytoFresh - Phytonutrients from fresh freeze-dried botanical ingredients

Freeze-drying fresh botanical ingredients protects and preserves the plant’s potent elements, biochemical integrity and enzymatic activity.

The biochemical profile of a lyophilized plant is almost similar to the profile of the fresh plant, but the concentration of the compounds is higher due to the elimination of moisture. In other words, the freeze-dried botanical elements from Terranova products are the concentrated versions of the original fresh plants.

Due to a deeply synergistic impact in the formulation of the MagniFood complex, the lyophilized botanical ingredients contribute to increasing the beneficial effects of Terranova products.

You will feel the natural freshness of Phytofresh phytonutrients from the inside out.