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Terranova - Healthy nutrition for organic synergy 

Terranova is founded in 2008 by Stephen Terrass, former technical director for one of the largest supplement companies in Europe. With a range of over 100 nutritional and botanical supplements formulated and produced in the UK, Terranova is one of the few major food supplement companies that do not use fillers, binders and other food additives in the production processes, and one of the few supplement companies 100% suitable for vegan or vegetarian diets.



Natural synergy with the metabolism

The main goal of the formulas developed by Terranova is to achieve maximum efficiency in the composition, versatility, purity, harmony, balance, and above all, food safety, by completely avoiding those ingredients that should not be used in nutritional supplements - food additives.

Our mission is to ensure the assimilation of health benefits using all natural methods.



Principles of synergistic nutrition for inner well-being and deep healing

  • We achieve efficiency by using whole plant ingredients and no pharmaceutical extracts;
  • We obtain purity by avoiding ingredients with excessive potency and food additives;
  • We obtain harmony and balance by intensifying the synergistic environment in the body, for the efficient assimilation of vitamins, multivitamins and minerals, also phytonutrients.

Natural solutions for the food supplement industry

Terranova’s unique approach to the development of botanical nutritional supplements is the result of Stephen Terras' quest for a solution to treat a systemic problem, a problem caused by the reductionist mindset of the pharmaceutical industry, which has dominated the supplement industry for more than 4 decades, since Steven's early career.

The problem is fueled by the pharmaceuticalization of the food supplement industry. This erroneous mentality, also shared in the past by Stephen, will produce negative results due to the excessive use of food additives.

It is necessary to return to nature’s roots for the composition of food supplements, and we find organic methods at our fingertips, we just need to reap the benefits of a 100% natural approach.

The future of healthy eating

We knew that we needed to delimitate ourselves from the way in which typical products have been formulated and produced, in order to develop high-quality products that define our own standards of food safety and efficiency.

Terranova is a multi-award winning brand of food supplements, the result of this new quality standard.