PhytoFresh. Phytonutrients from fresh botanical ingredients

Terranova food supplements are rich in phytonutrients from fresh freeze-dried botanical ingredients.

The conventional production methods used for nutritional supplements are air drying, oven drying or spray drying. Although these methods are less expensive, it is known that they can degrade important compounds and alter the delicate biochemical balance of plants.

There are numerous scientific studies that show that fresh freeze-drying preserves the potent elements of plants, their biochemical integrity and enzymatic activity.

The biochemical profile of a freeze-dried plant is almost similar to the profile of the original plant, but the concentration of compounds is higher due to removing the plant’s moisture content.

Fresh freeze-dried botanical ingredients bring numerous advantages:


  • They preserve the original biochemical integrity of a fresh plant, including its enzymatic activity;
  • They prevent most enzymatic and chemical changes associated with other drying methods that may reduce activity and alter the biochemical balance of ingredients;
  • They allow plants to retain their strength and lifespan longer than other drying methods;
  • They produce ingredients with a high solubility, which can facilitate the assimilation of plant nutrients and other important compounds in the digestive tract;
  • They produce a very dry and porous plant material that can be ground into powder (for encapsulation) which retains all the active compounds.