We source our phytonutrient-rich ingredients from nature

  • Dr. Ed Alstat, Eclectic Institute, Oregon, SUA

Most of our botanical ingredients are harvested from the organic farm, or are ethically harvested from the wild. Natural ingredients are rich in phytonutrients and we use them as the essence of Terranova nutritional supplements.

The certified organic farm managed by our botanical supplier, Eclectic Institute, covers an area of over 36 hectares. It is located in a secluded and picturesque natural setting in the state of Oregon, USA, surrounded by forest, the Sandy River canyon and a magnificent mountain background with Mount Hood, which inspired the Newfoundland logo.

Each Eclectic Institute crop is grown within a clean natural environment, free of chemicals, and is harvested at a stage when the plants have reached maximum levels of bio-activity. To gather the botanical ingredients, highly qualified and experienced farmers from the Eclectic Institute carefully source plants from their natural habitats, untreated with pesticides or herbicides.

Eclectic Institute farm harvests plants in an ecologically sustainable way, without endangering the population of plant species or the delicate balance of the ecosystem.