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When nature meets science, our health is on fertile ground.

We grow our philosophy on the principles of intelligent nutrition; nutrition invented by the earth, rain, sun and science to support the (almost) unlimited potential of the human body.


Terranova nutritional supplements

Food supplements formulated with 100% natural botanical ingredients and active compounds, designed to be assimilated correctly, in full harmony and synergy.

Specialty formulas

100% botanical products, made from whole foods, botanical ingredients and nutraceutical ingredients.



A comprehensive multivitamin and mineral formula is the ideal foundation for building an effective wellness program.



Get the optimal intake of vitamins and minerals for your personal needs with the help of nutritional supplements.



Terranova provides a wide range of synergistically enhanced vitamin formulations made with whole foods and botanical ingredients.


Digestive health

Terranova digestive health products are formulated with digestive, probiotic and prebiotic enzymes, excellent for intestinal transit.


Ingrediente botanice 

Terranova certified organic products contain fresh, freeze-dried botanical ingredients and whole foods.


Our mission is to ensure complete nutrition for inner equilibrium and deep healing.

Terranova nutritional supplements are developed with nutritional formulas that use active botanical ingredients that enter into a state of natural synergy with each other and the body’s metabolism to reach optimum efficiency in assimilating the benefits.

We believe in the principle of integral natural purity. To develop nutritional supplements with foods rich in phytonutrients and natural botanical ingredients, carefully chosen and not genetically modified, is the key that opens the major potential of nutraceuticals for health.

Sports nutrition

Nutritional supplements for fitness and performance athletes

We provide the necessary nutritional intake for professional athletes, as well as for people who need a nutritional boost for their daily fitness routine.


Pediatric nutrition

Green Child, nutritional supplements for children

Green Child is an award-winning range of food supplements, with products specially formulated by Terranova for children aged 4 to 12 years.


No food additives

Zero food additives means there's +1 advantage for your health.

The fact that we do not use food additives in the formulation of products allows for a natural synergy between vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, plant enzymes and other compounds to benefit your health. Your body will thank you we eliminated food additives.



The MagniFood complex

MagniFood - Synergic nutrition

In order to obtain the best results with the help of nutritional supplements, we have sourced all the ingredients that develop an environment of bio-synergy in the metabolism. Synergy occurs when an interaction between compounds produces effects that are greater than the combined individual effects of each one.



Terranova ingredients are 100% natural, certified organic.

Terranova nutritional supplements are so rich in phytonutrients because we use fresh lyophilized botanical ingredients. The botanical ingredients are harvested from our supplier's organically certified farm, Eclectic Institute, managed by Dr. Ed Elstat.



Fresh freeze-dried ingredients

PhytoFresh - Phytonutrients from fresh freeze-dried botanical ingredients

Terranova food supplements are rich in phytonutrients from fresh freeze-dried botanical ingredients. Fresh freeze-drying methods preserve the potent elements of plants, their biochemical integrity and enzymatic activity.



Vegan and vegetarian nutritional supplements

Products compatible with vegan diets

We support a safe nutritional haven dedicated to people who choose vegetarianism or veganism as a way of life, including people who understand the values of these diets and are looking for vegan or vegetarian products due to reasons of health, religion or intolerance to dairy products.


"Increasing the synergistic capabilities of human metabolism is the key to the best results in the use of nutritional supplements."


Stephen Terass, Terranova founder and formulator